[BDMV] Urusei Yatsura BDBOX I-IV

Category: Anime - Raw
Uploaded by: れんちょん
Website Link: N/A
Hash: A1F392C6C4850CAFB7BB23F5A8F5097DA0316840
Size: 1.4 TiB
Date: 1/23/2017, 0:19:00 PM UTC+0
Seeders: 1
Leechers: 2
Completed: 2
Last scraped: 5/26/2019, 5:07:17 PM UTC+0


Please seed torrent and rehash old torrents


1 1/23/2017, 0:35:00 PM UTC+0 Razeth
2 1/23/2017, 0:37:00 PM UTC+0 mtobob
Something something Reinforce
3 1/23/2017, 0:52:00 PM UTC+0 Razeth
second biggest torrent on nyaa..."2017"
4 1/23/2017, 1:09:00 PM UTC+0 NoobSubs
5 1/23/2017, 1:11:00 PM UTC+0 zetsu_shoren
jesus christ this is the hugest torrent i've ever seen
6 1/23/2017, 2:09:00 PM UTC+0 Kseniasolo
inb4 the remaster isnt even good
7 1/23/2017, 2:34:00 PM UTC+0 shirohamada
8 1/23/2017, 2:35:00 PM UTC+0 W4iteFlame
ok, it is bigger, but is it better?
9 1/23/2017, 2:56:00 PM UTC+0 volta_john
10 1/23/2017, 6:34:00 PM UTC+0 ReinForce
>biggest torrent on nyaa..."2017"
missed MOVIE (~152.5G) && OVA (~100.5G) >> full batch would have size about ~ 1.62T ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
11 1/23/2017, 6:49:00 PM UTC+0 Henk
Sweet fucking jesus, that size
12 1/24/2017, 0:30:00 AM UTC+0 xxjoshzzxx
Size doesn't matter if seeder never shows up.
13 1/25/2017, 5:12:00 AM UTC+0 warui
is it normal that the torrent file says 2.97 TB? My main client won't work.
Works on my other client waiting on seeder to show up
14 1/26/2017, 6:04:00 AM UTC+0 xxjoshzzxx
hashing this now, should start seeding in a few hours
15 2/11/2017, 1:07:00 AM UTC+0 Boots
I am considering going for this one... Even if I don't, though, I would like to express admiration for those seeding it.
16 3/29/2017, 0:56:00 AM UTC+0 warui
Need seeders man.... and with a higher seeding speed....
Too many hit and runners on this and I seeded more then obtained...
17 9/27/2017, 4:03:17 AM UTC+0 れんちょん

scary me ,1.4T

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