Touhou lossy music collection V7

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Uploaded by: Truth
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Hash: 85BF85DEACA8C19DB36D07FBF09CD31AB1A95F11
Size: 127.7 GiB
Date: 3/12/2010, 2:54:00 AM UTC+0
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Last scraped: 8/22/2019, 7:02:25 AM UTC+0


New lossy torrent V8 is out, go download that instead.

Hello, this is the lossy version of the lossless collection, encoded to V2 VBR MP3. All the same songs, 4.5x smaller size, almost same quality (okay maybe not, but to a normal person/speakers/headphones it sounds basically the same)
If you're downloading from the previous torrent, or updating it you can either:
1. Go follow rwx's TLMC V7 directions. (grab that python script and run it, it should work, assuming you have python)
2. Do nothing and end up a few hundred more MBs (and song doubles) then you're suppose to.
3. Wait until I stop being lazy and write up a list of folders you have to manually rename/delete.
Just do #1 to make it easy for all of us.
Also sorry this is a bit late, I blame Coal from rizon irc, feel free to /msg mean things to him and whatnot. After all he resulted in having my TLMC deleted and having to re-download the whole damn thing.

Anyways, enjoy.


1 3/12/2010, 3:18:00 PM UTC+0 Truth
137,095,528,734 bytes, 21,055 files.
2 3/15/2010, 1:00:00 AM UTC+0 Truth
Hmm, you have an extra folder in there somewhere. Which one? I don't know.
Here's the folder tree of the lossy collection. Hopefully that'll be of some use.
3 3/15/2010, 4:55:00 PM UTC+0 Truth
Oh crap, I knew about that one, I was going to write about it if I ever had to write up manual removal instructions.
Also do you know which duplicate files it was?
4 3/21/2010, 0:27:00 PM UTC+0 Piddle
Would've been nice if it included scans, would've felt more complete, not that I'd look at them really, but still
5 3/28/2010, 7:46:00 PM UTC+0 rwx
Did you know?
You can download the scans separately.
6 4/9/2010, 6:46:00 AM UTC+0 Ziergdsx18
@rwx = Pretty nice. :)
7 4/22/2010, 6:33:00 AM UTC+0 Aphid
If you're using Vuze, it will create the files before starting the download. This means you can use your OS's Search function for "*.*" (anything) within the Lossy Music Collection folder and then sort the results by date, and subsequently delete anything that has a date prior to the day you started downloading.
8 4/26/2010, 6:34:00 PM UTC+0 GregW17
Awesome! I've been looking for ages for the artbook extras... That plus all the doujin is making me have to fight not to spazz!
9 4/26/2010, 6:59:00 PM UTC+0 GregW17
If you use most any torrent client, you can pick and choose which files you want as well. I don't have 130GB of space on my HDD, for example, so I won't be able to get everything in one go... (hm, might be time to invest in a removable disc for my music)
10 5/12/2010, 5:18:00 PM UTC+0 Kuukunen
By the way, rtorrent or any of the console tools I tried refuses to download this thing because at least one filename is too long. (Longer than ext3 or ext4 or Linux VFS allows)

I made a patch for libtorrent (used by rtorrent) that works around it by truncating filenames that are too long. I'm not 100% sure it's totally working, but seems to be so far:
11 5/13/2010, 8:17:00 AM UTC+0 grejpfrut
ok, i downloaded it, tried to add it to foobar, and after hashing i seen that:
any ideas how to fix it? <_< there are files without problems, but for most of them at least one (album/artist/albumartist/title) is broken.
12 5/14/2010, 7:05:00 AM UTC+0 GregW17
I've noticed that adding artwork in iTunes breaks whatever tags Windows uses to reference the songs... So add at your own risk.
13 5/15/2010, 11:56:00 PM UTC+0 redtails

filename limit for ALL filesystems (including NTFS, fat32, EXT2, EXT3, EXT4 and HFS) have a 255 limit. µtorrent ignores this limit on windows in my experience, but it's better to avoid the problem by not saving the files as deep.. I mean some people have it saved in c:\users\First Last\Music\Touhou\Touhou lossy music collection V7\ which in itself is 66 characters, followed by circle, album name, optional CD name and THEN the song name.
14 5/31/2010, 6:59:00 PM UTC+0 Ghalion
Does this file download/upload really slow for anybody else? I mean I can often download a file with less seeds at 200k/s-1m/s. But this guy typically chugs at around 20-50 k/s. And if I leave it going for a few hours, it will inevitably fall below 1k/s. Quitting my client and relaunching seems to reset it back to 20-50 again though. Regardless, it always uploads slower than 1k/s >=(
15 6/3/2010, 8:35:00 PM UTC+0 ZaTaisho
[SOUND HOLIC]\2007.04.29 [SDHC-0006] SOUND HOLIC MEETS TOHO ~東方的幽々舞踏劇~ [M3-07春]

In that folder, the song's names don't match up according to Touhou Wiki! Please fix, because none of the information matches.

PS: Plus on [Alstroemeria Records & Cradle]\2005.12.30 [ACCD-0001] Stem of Radiant [C69], the song "Starlight Vision" has a small repeat in the beginning. please fix that for total effectiveness. (I already replaced it, and I'm trying to create a compressed version of V.7 of the music collection. I might call it Touhou Portable Music Collection. If I do it right, I should be able to make this music collection small enough to put into iPods and such.)
16 6/6/2010, 8:10:00 PM UTC+0 Truth
@ghalion I'll start seeding it again

@ZaTaisho Starlight Vision is fine for me, no repeating, and it matches the lossless version. As for the sound holic album, are you sure you're looking at the right album? The songs all match the names presented (however the numbering after 5 is off, 6 is suppose to be a bonus track and then add 1 to each track and the- uh... You should go to the lossless version and report it to rwx, this torrent is just a copy of his torrent. Also good luck with your music collection (just don't convert anything from this collection as that will just make the quality even worse, use the original lossless)

17 6/18/2010, 8:30:00 PM UTC+0 anon9686
Is there a reason why this is being corrupted? Am i missing a language patch or something (75% of the Kanji show up fine), the rest show up like in picture (if they even are kanji)
Anything to fix this?
18 6/19/2010, 4:31:00 AM UTC+0 Truth
I really have no clue. Maybe this link could help?
19 6/20/2010, 5:05:00 PM UTC+0 mahadev_doom
thanks for this awesome pack truth..saves up time and space downloading this instead of the lossless one
20 6/20/2010, 11:07:00 PM UTC+0 igro
@Kuukunen, many thanks for that patch - it worked wonderfully here :) (why would anyone name a file that long is beyond me >_>)
21 7/1/2010, 2:48:00 AM UTC+0 GregW17
anon, that comes from someone importing the tracks through a program that doesn't support unicode. There might be an option in foobar called "reverse unicode" which should fix the characters (if it doesn't switch your locale to Japanese)
22 7/2/2010, 4:29:00 AM UTC+0 dooly00000
[Alstroemeria Records]\2007.08.17 [ARCD-0019] Dolls [C72]\Minoshima Masayoshi - Infinite Being.mp3 and [Alstroemeria Records]\2007.08.17 [ARCD-0019] Dolls [C72]\Minoshima Masayoshi - Scolded by the Princess.mp3 have their identification swapped (their ID3 and name).
23 7/13/2010, 5:28:00 AM UTC+0 motaku96
Does this have the game soundtracks too?
24 7/18/2010, 4:31:00 AM UTC+0 GregW17
no, but they might be in v9 or v10... Give me a bit and I could upload them here...