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今日のケルベロス | Kyou no Cerberus

Story & Art by: Sakurai Ato 桜井亜都
Genre(s): Comedy, Romance, Shounen, Harem, Supernatural

Synopsis: As a young boy, Chiaki Mikado had an encounter with an unusual, three-headed puppy, and as a consequence of a bite from that dog, he lost a piece of his soul. Now a teenager, he finds himself unable to enjoy anything, but the three-headed dog is back in human form -- or more accurately forms -- to fix all that!

Turns out that the three heads of the mythical guardian to the gates of the underworld are actually unique individuals, and each a pretty young girl at that! With his new roommate(s) leading the charge, can Chiaki experience the happiness that has so long eluded him? -YenPress

Dunno who shared these originally to credit

Today's Cerberus Vol.01 (YenPress)
Today's Cerberus Vol.02 (YenPress)
Today's Cerberus Vol.03 (YenPress)
Today's Cerberus Vol.04 (YenPress)
Today's Cerberus Vol.05 (YenPress)
Today's Cerberus Vol.06 (YenPress)
Today's Cerberus Vol.07 (YenPress)
Today's Cerberus Vol.08 (YenPress)
Today's Cerberus Vol.09 (YenPress)
Today's Cerberus Vol.10 (YenPress)
Today's Cerberus Vol.11 (YenPress)

Final Volume 12 release date April 30, 2019

Change Log:

  • Checked and fixed all Volumes to be consistent with its page number corresponding to the "notes page" found near the end of almost every volume (when available) not according to the "content page" (which seem to never match up right) so if user uses a readers program the page numbers usually will be ahead by 1 page, Vol 6 will be 2 pages see next line why. All normal when changing .cbz extension to .zip (or .rar) → extracted → read
  • Added a single two page spread illustration stitch from pages 004 & 005 in Vol 06, Vol 01's page 004 & 005 was not made as it'll take too much time to fix to align correctly
  • Two page spread have been turned from vertically to horizontal (no need to turn your neck anymore)
  • Vol 02's note page for pages 184-185 may of been misnumbered so I had to include a page from page 195 into a blank page for page 181 to keep it consistent as there had been no page number since page 139 to account for a possible missing page
  • Since had to re-zip these at "best" settings file size has been decreased by a few
  • Vol 02-03 .cbr file extension changed to .cbz


  • File name "Today's Kerberos" Vol 01~10 → "Today's Cerberus" Vol 01~10
  • Vol 04 had two .cbz extension → to one .cbz extension
  • Vol 09-11 had no (Yen Press) tag as with Vol 01~08 so added them
File Name Size
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Today's Cerberus Vol.01 (Yen Press).cbz 78.2 MiB
Today's Cerberus Vol.02 (Yen Press).cbz 133.6 MiB
Today's Cerberus Vol.03 (Yen Press).cbz 151.5 MiB
Today's Cerberus Vol.04 (Yen Press).cbz 154.4 MiB
Today's Cerberus Vol.05 (Yen Press).cbz 151.2 MiB
Today's Cerberus Vol.06 (Yen Press).cbz 90.2 MiB
Today's Cerberus Vol.07 (Yen Press).cbz 88.1 MiB
Today's Cerberus Vol.08 (Yen Press).cbz 91.9 MiB
Today's Cerberus Vol.09 (Yen Press).cbz 84.0 MiB
Today's Cerberus Vol.10 (Yen Press).cbz 77.3 MiB
Today's Cerberus Vol.11 (Yen Press).cbz 71.5 MiB


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