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what? why? and "v0"?

Pretty Rhythm All Star Selection (the TV anime) is an 11-episode programme, each being a full episode of Pretty Rhythm bookended by a couple of minutes of barely-animated footage of Lala from the then-upcoming PriPara anime and the protagonists of each Pretty Rhythm TV anime discussing Lala's debut and helping her become an idol by teaching her lessons conveniently learned in that week's episode of Pretty Rhythm.

Fittingly, episode 1 of All Star Selection features the first episode of Aurora Dream, and Pretty Rhythm overall.

v0 due to shareraw and low-effort typesetting. Everything's translated, readable and mostly the right colour, but that's about all you can say. A hypothetical v1 would have a new encode from an HDTV cap, likely BD video for the episode and with full TS. What isn't skimped on is the script and song TL+styling, which are... uh... representative of what I usually do, at least. Timing should also be acceptable.


  • It was fun working on Pretty Rhythm! The first OP is more enjoyable and better-put together than I remember it being. I'd forgotten the first ED completely.
  • The first episode actually has no signs apart from stuff like the episode title. At least I hope it didn't.
  • The contest to submit your design for Lala's stage outfit has sadly closed as of nearly half a decade ago.
  • Jun is ridiculous and entertaining.
  • Rhythm is pretty.

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