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F/Formula 1 - Engines on the Track (Rokuda Noboru) VOL. 1-28 [MDKM] (Creek & River) (English) (Manga)

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I didn't even realise people ripped the website/paywall locked TL of this back in 2016. On that, it was done by a Japanese company who outsources TL's and have pretty bad typesetting, but it's better than nothing. Especially given how long this manga is. Anyhow, this is the manga of the Formula anime otherwise known as "F". It follows the same plot for the most part, but the anime adaptation removed all the smut and a bunch of stupid shit for obvious reasons as you'll see. At any rate, do check it out. See ya!

File Name Size
F VOL.01 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 107.8 MiB
F VOL.02 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 90.6 MiB
F VOL.03 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 84.9 MiB
F VOL.04 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 79.7 MiB
F VOL.05 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 92.7 MiB
F VOL.06 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 87.7 MiB
F VOL.07 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 96.2 MiB
F VOL.08 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 88.2 MiB
F VOL.09 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 88.2 MiB
F VOL.10 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 92.2 MiB
F VOL.11 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 86.5 MiB
F VOL.12 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 84.7 MiB
F VOL.13 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 82.1 MiB
F VOL.14 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 84.3 MiB
F VOL.15 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 88.7 MiB
F VOL.16 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 87.0 MiB
F VOL.17 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 88.4 MiB
F VOL.18 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 85.0 MiB
F VOL.19 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 93.1 MiB
F VOL.20 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 90.9 MiB
F VOL.21 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 89.6 MiB
F VOL.22 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 106.8 MiB
F VOL.23 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 97.7 MiB
F VOL.24 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 100.1 MiB
F VOL.25 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 93.5 MiB
F VOL.26 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 83.8 MiB
F VOL.27 [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 93.0 MiB
F VOL.28 (end) [MDKM] (Creek & River).zip 103.7 MiB
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