[xPearse] Great Mazinger - Episodes 01-10 [English Sub] [480p]

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Dan-dan-da-dan! This is just a little sample before I finish encoding the full show. I used MKV magic to connect the OP & ED to the episodes themselves, but I didn't bother to include the next episode previews due to them being after the ED and would require me to encode them separately and then link even more misc files together. Though that isn't much of a problem. Anyway, I encoded the first episode at different settings as a test at first so that's why it's bigger and better quality than everything after it. However, I wanted to optimize the file-sizes given how long the show is, so most episodes are about 150mb.

At any rate, do enjoy, but please try to support the official release if you can. Bai bai!


File Name Size
[xPearse] Great Mazinger - Ending [English Sub] [480p].mkv 8.2 MiB
[xPearse] Great Mazinger - Episode 01 [English Sub] [480p].mkv 272.1 MiB
[xPearse] Great Mazinger - Episode 02 [English Sub] [480p].mkv 131.4 MiB
[xPearse] Great Mazinger - Episode 03 [English Sub] [480p].mkv 151.0 MiB
[xPearse] Great Mazinger - Episode 04 [English Sub] [480p].mkv 151.6 MiB
[xPearse] Great Mazinger - Episode 05 [English Sub] [480p].mkv 147.7 MiB
[xPearse] Great Mazinger - Episode 06 [English Sub] [480p].mkv 145.1 MiB
[xPearse] Great Mazinger - Episode 07 [English Sub] [480p].mkv 138.5 MiB
[xPearse] Great Mazinger - Episode 08 [English Sub] [480p].mkv 138.1 MiB
[xPearse] Great Mazinger - Episode 09 [English Sub] [480p].mkv 141.9 MiB
[xPearse] Great Mazinger - Episode 10 [English Sub] [480p].mkv 152.1 MiB
[xPearse] Great Mazinger - Opening [English Sub] [480p].mkv 10.5 MiB


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