Touhou Project All-In-One Pack (東方 Project) ver. 2017-11-17

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Touhou Project All-In-One Pack, ver. 2017-11-17
This pack is intended to be a ‘one-stop shop’ for anyone wishing to play the official Touhou Project games in English and/or Japanese.
This second version features great improvements over the original, mostly thanks to very helpful anons offering suggestions and materials.
If you find any errors or would like to offer any suggestions, please let me know in the comments.
And of course, while this torrent is provided for the sake of convenience, you should absolutely support ZUN by purchasing the games if you can.

Please read the README for full explanations of what everything is and how to use it.


  • Original Japanese versions of every official game to date
  • English-patched versions of every game from 1 through 13.5
  • The latest build of thcrap, for playing 14 and onward in English
  • Neko Project II, a PC-98 emulator for playing 1 through 5
  • Vpatch, which provides various utilities for older Windows games
  • A DirectX converter, for fixing some serious issues in Windows 10
  • A key remapper, for custom controls or playing on non-QWERTY keyboards
  • EditDisk, a utility for viewing and editing PC-98 disk images
  • Rollcaster, a netplay utility for 7.5
  • Adonis, a netplay utility for 9
  • SokuRoll, a netplay utility for 12.3
  • A readme that explains how to use everything in detail

Addendum 2017-11-18: Depending on your emulator and system setup, the English version of TH05 may crash after completing the Extra but before recording the score/replay. The exact conditions which cause this bug are unknown, so attempt it at your own risk.

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1 11/25/2017, 0:25:12 AM UTC+0 れんちょん

Hey, I saw this torrent on /jp/ and waited a bit in case the author planned to upload it on pantsu.
I went ahead and did it myself but I have no account so I have no way to update the post here. If need-be, feel free to claim ownership of this page and make any necessary changes.

2 12/16/2017, 2:03:15 PM UTC+0 れんちょん


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